Shipping Agency

We have branches in strategic locations within and outside Nigeria, manned by some of the best hands in the industry and empowered to take operational decisions in the overall interest of the company; thus eliminating the bottlenecks often associated with delays in vessel operation and turnaround time.
The company maintains excellent working relationship with third parties whose activities impact on shipping operations. This ensures quick turnaround of vessels under our agency.
The publication of daily Tanker Report which captures in Real Time Tankers Loading / Discharging at various ports. This is a very useful tool for planning and management decision making.
In our effort to provide Agency Services, Blueseas Maritime in conscious of the emerging trend where clients are looking at the total package concept. Thus, we provide ship brokerage services in addition to providing expert advice on world renowned STS services providers, who meet the requirement of OCIMF guidelines.
We work closely with our clients to know their preference and working procedures, so as to ensure adequate planning for the vessel prior arrival and reduce/eliminate delays.

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